DEFINITION of 'Manchester Business School - MBS'

The Manchester Business school is the business school at the University of Manchester in Manchester, England. Also known as the Alliance Manchester Business School, the Manchester Business School offers top-level MBA and doctoral programs. The school's doctoral programs have historically been ranked above other prestigious institutions such as the Wharton School of Business and MIT. The school also offers an international exchange program.

BREAKING DOWN 'Manchester Business School - MBS'

The Manchester Business School was founded in 1918 as the Department of Industrial Administration, funded by an endowment from asbestos magnate Sir Samuel Turner. Manchester Business School was one of the first two business schools in the United Kingdom offering MBA degrees

 A new version of the school was reinstituted in 2004. The Alliance Manchester Business School was a result of the merger of UMIST's Manchester School of Management, the Institute of Innovation Research, the Victoria University of Manchester's School of Accounting and Finance and the Manchester Business School. Prior to merger the constituent parts of new MBS formed the Manchester Federal School of Business and Management. and occupied nearby buildings either side of Oxford Road.

Manchester Business School Rankings

In 2011, the school was ranked among the top 30 business schools in the world for its MBA program, and 1st in the world for its doctoral program (both Ph.D and D.B.A). It is placed 11th in Europe and 4th in the United Kingdom, while being 6th in Europe for percentage salary increase of its graduates. Regarding international experience, Manchester Business School is 17th in the world and 7th in the Europe as well as is ranked 13th in the world for the career progress of its alumni. The average salary of Manchester's MBA graduates after three years is $116,100 -- the 12th highest of European business schools.

Manchester Business School’s Part-Time Global MBA

The Manchester Business School offers a unique part-time option for MBA students called the Part-time Global MBA. This program provides online instruction along with the ability for students to study at any of six global centers, while receiving the same degree. Students are able to take classes in Manchester, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai. Students spend one week per semester attending workshops at one of the seven centers, and 10 nights' hotel stay is included with the cost of tuition.

The school offers other educational opportunities for business students, as well, such as: MBA programs, DBA, full-time global MBA and executive education.

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