DEFINITION of 'Mompreneur'

Mompreneur, or "momtrepreneurs", is a slang term describing women who start or run their own businesses while also acting as a full time parent, where Mompreneur is a combination of the words "mom" and "entrepreneur". Data shows that mompreneurs are more likely to run a business out of the home than out of a commercial building. Because of family obligations, mompreneurs have to balance the requirements of running a business with the demands of raising their children, and may do the bulk of their work during the time when their children do not require as much attention such as when they are at school. Most of the time, Mompreneurs are mothers who are running small scale operations out of their own homes, for example by selling crafts on sits like Etsy or Ebay, rather than those founding high-growth ventures in Silicon Valley.

Women entrpreneurs, especially those that are balancing work and family obligations, are a rising trend and a sign that the startups space is becoming more egalitarian and inclusinve, which could be construed as a boon for feminisim. At the same time, however, the term 'mompreneur' may be seen as derogatory toward mothers who are business owners.

BREAKING DOWN 'Mompreneur'

Mompreneurship is a relatively new trend in entrepreneurship, and have come to increase prominence especially in the internet age, with the internet allowing entrepreneurs to sell products out of the home rather than relying on foot traffic to brick-and-mortar business. They may also take up the same line of work as they had before having children, remotely logging into office networks and telecommuting.

Online platforms for selling goods and services have proliferated in the past decade, allowing people to work for themselves from the comfort of their own home, selling crafts or homemade items, retailing wholesale items, or conducting freelance work, among other pursuits. Becuase these income producing activities can be carried out with a flexible schedule, it is conducive for people - such as mothers of young children - to remain active as a small business owner while also taking care of the family. While Mompreneurs refer particularly to women in such situations, men who are fathers are also increasingly relying on such types of business ownership.

Some have criticized the rise of multi-level marketing scheme operations that are geared toward women specifically, selling themselves as ways for working moms to become the "owners" of their own business - but where, in fact, they are subject to the direction of a parent company. Examples include such enterprises as Rodan + Fields, LuLaRoe, and Herbalife.

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