Monthly Active User (MAU)

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DEFINITION of 'Monthly Active User (MAU)'

Monthly Active User (MAU) is a key performance indicator (KPI) for online games, apps and social networking services (SNS). MUA is calculated by taking the number of unique users for a thirty day period. Calculating MUA helps determine the value of a company and finds the number of users who participate with and return to the site on a monthly basis.

BREAKING DOWN 'Monthly Active User (MAU)'

How do some popular websites define monthly active users?

Facebook considers a user to be a MAU if he has logged in and “used” Facebook within the month. “Used” is defined as interaction with the website: liking, sharing, commenting, messaging, clicking through on a link.

Twitter counts users who follow at least 30 accounts and are followed back by at least one-third of those accounts to be active users. The MAUs are determined by counting active users who have signed in within the month.

Google+’s MAUs are those who have an account and user a Google service at least once in the month.