WHAT IS 'Package Deal'

A package deal is an order that contains a number of exchange or deposit items that must be completed simultaneously, or not at all. Package deals allow traders to ensure specific prices or times to maturity for multiple assets.

BREAKING DOWN 'Package Deal'

A package deal may be the best choice for traders in properly executing an investment strategy. For example, let's say an investor wants to enter into a long-short strategy, where he or she purchases one stock and short-sells another. Making this order a package deal will protect the investor in case either stock is not immediately available for purchase or sale. The investor may not want the exposure of being only long or short for the period of time required to complete the second transaction.

Example of Package Deal

A package deal contract can also be used to attract potential investors in large-scale construction projects that would benefit a local economy. For instance, the Investment Development Authority of Lebanon (IDAL) offers a package deal contract with investor incentives. They offer investment incentives based on an investment project's potential capital investment, the number of jobs created, and the project’s sector type. In IDAL's package deal contract, an investor is promised incentives including a) full exemption from: corporate income tax for a period that can run up to 10 years, project dividends taxes for a period that can run up to 10 years, and land registration fees, b) up to 50 percent reduction on work- and residence- permit fees as well as construction-permit fees, and c) getting work permits with no delay.

Another example of a package deal is a recent agreement in the tech industry. In 2017, TechCrunch reported that Uber agreed to move forward with a SoftBank Group investment, stating that they "entered into an agreement with a consortium led by Softbank and Dragoneer on a potential investment.” This is an example of a package deal, but SoftBank’s $1 billion investment relies on the tender offer going through final rounds of greenlighting. TechCrunch further reported that the “potential deal includes a $1 billion investment in the company at the last private valuation of nearly $70 billion,” with a source suggesting the deal is an extension of its last Series G round. TechCrunch  says that observers expect the group to buy “up to $9 billion in Uber shares from employees and other shareholders,” which would bring its “total ownership to at least 14 percent of the company.”

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