What is 'Paid Syndication'

Paid syndication is the promotion or inclusion of content on a third-party website in exchange for a payment. It is a subset of web syndication or content syndication. Paid syndication is simply web syndication where a brand pays for its content to be published with the aim of driving more traffic to its site. That traffic is intended to gather greater exposure to a new audience or for brand promotion. Syndicated content may appear on websites under the heading of “Related Posts” and “Promoted Content." 

BREAKING DOWN 'Paid Syndication'

Paid syndication is a type of web syndication (a license to broadcast) used by online marketers to gather more attention to their content. That traffic is intended to translate to sales as part of a marketing campaign. Content is shared all over the internet as a means of adding greater usefulness, immediacy or depth to websites. Websites that redistribute content do it to better serve their users. As for the website that is the original source of the content (or content author or creator), they may be seen as an expert and may see their search engine ranking improve as a result. While web syndication tends to be free, paid syndication is often used as part of a business goal.

Paid Syndication Services

The two most popular websites that can arrange paid syndication are Outbrain and Taboola. Both Outbrain and Taboola work with high-ranking and high-traffic websites. They do not allow direct ads and charge between $0.25 and $0.50 per click. A brand will set a daily spend budget and a cost per click price, and content will be syndicated until the number of click-throughs has exhausted the budget. Other paid syndication providers include Revcontent, Sharethrough, Yahoo Gemini, Nativo, Ligatus, Dianomi, MGID, Spoutable and Content.ad.

Syndication generally doesn't work well in social media given its sharing model involving short snippets. However, both Facebook and LinkedIn offer paid syndication options. Facebook Business helps businesses and organizations raise their profiles, create demand and build sales. LinkedIn offers paid syndication such as sponsored content to help businesses with branding and lead generation. 

Paid Syndication Strategy

The first job of any paid syndication effort will be identifying goals that align with the company's business objective. Building awareness of a product or service would require far different methods than lead generation. Companies should plan ahead for paid syndication efforts. For example, any website redesign or relaunch, any content strategy shift or refocus, or any change or upgrade in content management system should consider how paid syndication efforts can be facilitated.  

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