What is Poop

Poop is a slang term that is sometimes used to describe both inside information and people with insider information. A poop has access to nonpublic factual information, which can be used to their financial advantage in a securities market. It is illegal for investors to trade on material insider information. If an investor is caught engaging in insider trading, they could face severe financial penalties or even jail time.

Poop is also used more generally to refer to inside information, and not only in a financial context. The term can be used in a phrase like, “She gave me all the poop on the office party,” or “Is that the straight poop?” It is used in a similar manner as low-down, the skinny or dope.


Poop usually refers to insider information, but it could also be used to describe anyone with insider information, such as a director of a company. It can also include a third party, like the wife of an employee or even a next-door neighbor. If a person has insider information, they would be considered a poop.

Poop is usually gained through someone who works for or close to a listed company. Having knowledge about a company’s important, confidential information, such as the release of a new product or investors report, could provide an unfair advantage if the information is not yet public.

In the United States, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) oversees legal and illegal insider trades. Legal insider trading, in which corporate officers, directors and employees buy and sell stock in their own companies, is subject to certain regulations and the transactions must be properly filed and registered with the SEC. The illegal type of insider trading occurs when an individual uses non-public material information about a publicly traded company to provide an unfair advantage to a person or entity that is trading its stock.

The SEC prosecutes poops with insider information as a serious crime. One of the most famous instances of this occurred in 2003, when Martha Stewart was charged with securities fraud after trading based on insider information to avoid a loss and was imprisoned for five months and fined $30,000.

Poop and Scoop

The term poop is also used in a financial context when referring to a poop and scoop scheme. This is a highly illegal form of insider trading that occurs when a small group of informed people attempt to drive down a stock’s price by spreading lies, rumors and otherwise damaging information, so they can purchase that stock at bargain prices. Poop and scoop is the opposite of pump and dump, in which one or more individuals spread false information with the goal of artificially raising a stock’s price so they can sell their holdings at an elevated price.