WHAT IS 'RBC Consumer Attitudes And Spending By Household Index - RBC CASH Index '

The RBC Consumer Attitudes And Spending By Household Index (RBC CASH Index) was the original name of the RBC U.S. Consumer Outlook Index. It is an index based on a monthly national survey of U.S. consumer attitudes on the state of savings, local economies, personal financial situations and confidence to make significant investments, which covers both now and in the future, through Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). The RBC CASH Index was assigned a value in 2002, its base year, of 100.

BREAKING DOWN 'RBC Consumer Attitudes And Spending By Household Index - RBC CASH Index '

The RBC Consumer Attitudes And Spending By Household Index (RBC CASH Index), now known as the RBC U.S. Consumer Outlook Index ,updates monthly with quarterly geographic specialty updates. The Royal Bank of Canda (RBC) is an investment bank and financial research institution that maintains several indexes of consumer behavior and outlooks, including a Canadian consumer outlook index and a U.S. consumer outlook index. The RBC U.S. Consumer Outlook Index is a monthly survey of U.S. consumer attitudes about the national economic and financial outlook, the respondents' personal finances, and consumer confidence in spending money and making large investments. This is a forward-looking predictive tool, as it asks consumers about attitudes toward current and future situations, not opinions about past, even recent, events. It has 36 questions, 34 consistent and two special topical questions each month, more than any other consumer index. The index publishes monthly results within 36 hours of performing the survey, which makes it even more useful as a predictive tool.

RBC U.S. Consumer Outlook Index 

The RBC U.S. Consumer Outlook Index is used as a predictive tool for the financial and economic industries to plan marketing campaigns, plan sales pipelines and predict downturns and surges in the U.S. financial and retail markets. The RBC U.S. Consumer Outlook Index is especially useful because it is released earlier in the month than the top two U.S. consumer outlook indexes, with which it correlates 90 percent, for more time to analyze and use the predictions. It contains several sub-indexes, including the Current Conditions, Sub-Index, which captures consumer confidence in making major purchasing decisions, the Investments Sub-Index, which captures consumer confidence in investing in financial markets and the Consumer Expectations Sub-Index, which captures whether consumers feel the economy is about to improve or worsen. Analysts can use these sub-indexes, along with quarterly specific geographic reports, to make accurate predictions about specific areas of the country and specific behaviors.

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