DEFINITION of 'Representative Payee'

A long-term care facility that has been granted approval to accept federal benefit payments on a resident’s behalf. Representative payees can accept federal benefit payments from the Social Security Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, Railroad Retirement Board and Office of Personnel Management if the actual payee, the long-term care facility resident, is too mentally or physically impaired to manage the income.

BREAKING DOWN 'Representative Payee'

A representative payee is legally obligated to use the payments it receives on a resident’s behalf for the resident’s best interests. For example, it can use the money to pay legitimate (not fraudulent or inflated) bills from the facility.

Senior advocates recommend against making any long-term care facility a representative payee because of the potential for abuse. Instead, they recommend planning in advance: The ideal scenario is one in which the potential long-term care facility resident, while he or she is still of sound mind and body, chooses a representative, such as a trusted family member, to manage his/her finances should incapacity happen later on. There is still a risk of elder financial abuse with this option, but the idea is that it should be a lesser risk since the patient is making an informed and capable decision about whom they trust to manage their finances instead of letting a complete stranger gain the responsibility by default.

For example, suppose a nursing home resident has dementia and is incapable of paying her bills, but needs to do so in order to remain a resident of the nursing home. The resident did not give anyone financial power of attorney before she developed dementia. The nursing home could contact the Social Security Administration to apply to be a representative payee for that resident’s Social Security benefits. If approved, the nursing home will be required to maintain records of all the payments it receives on the resident’s behalf and how it spends them. It must place any unspent funds in a savings account that earns interest.

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