What is 'SEC Form 18-K'

SEC Form 18-K is a filing that is used by non-U.S. sovereign governments and their political subdivisions to file annual reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The form is only required to be filed if the foreign government or subdivision has debt securities registered to be traded and has voluntarily listed the securities on a U.S. exchange. It is more commonly known as the Annual Report for Foreign Governments and Political Subdivisions.


The information required from a foreign issuer on this annual update includes anything that could materially affect the long-term solvency of the security or its issuer. This includes a description of the general effect of any material modifications to the rights of security holders and the circumstances of any failure to pay installment payments as originally promised in the security's initial offering. SEC Form 18-K also requires filers to provide various substantive financial statements, including the latest annual budget of the filer, and statements regarding the indebtedness of the filer. The information is available electronically for all filers through the SEC's Electronic Data Gathering and Retrieval (EDGAR) system.

SEC Form 18-K serves a virtually identical function to SEC Form 10-K, a filing that is commonly associated with the annual report of domestically-based companies. However, the SEC Form 18-K often provides information that investors cannot find elsewhere due to the minimal amount of analyst coverage focused on foreign issuers, and even less coverage of their political and municipal subdivisions.

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