Sustainable Business 20 (SB20)

Sustainable Business 20 (SB20)

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What Is Sustainable Business 20 (SB20)?

A group of stocks that are chosen according to the companies' ability to provide products and services while contributing to a sustainable economy. The SB20 are selected yearly by a panel of judges with experience in analyzing sustainable stocks. The list attempts to identify innovative and progressive companies with the potential to positively affect the goal of a more sustainable society.

Understanding Sustainable Business 20 (SB20)

The SB20 is not a list of top buys. Rather, it is a list of companies that are both financially strong and sustainable. The stock list comprises companies of various sizes, locations and industries, but it doesn't create a well-diversified portfolio.

Two main criteria are used when picking a SB20 stock:

  • Sustainable: The company must be exciting and must excel in solving social or environmental problems.
  • Financial: The company must be profitable (or close to it) and have a stock trading over $1.00.
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