DEFINITION of 'The Hough Graduate School of Business'

The Hough Graduate School of Business is the business school at the University of Florida. It offers graduate-level programs in several degrees, including business, finance, economics, management and information systems. The school also offers doctorate programs in business, finance and economics. The school has been accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International, the European Foundation for Management Development and the Graduate Management Admission Council.

BREAKING DOWN 'The Hough Graduate School of Business'

Although it had a different name at the time, the Hough Graduate School of Business graduated its first group of master of business administration (MBA) students in 1948. Among those graduates was William R. Hough, who would become a successful business executive and eventually donate $30 million to his alma mater in 2007. The funds were used to create an endowment, and the program now bears his name. 

Graduate Courses Offered by the Hough Graduate School of Business

The Hough Graduate School of Business offers one-year, two-year, online, professional and executive MBA programs, as well as several other degrees and certificates.


  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Information Systems (IS)
  • Management

 Specialized Master's Degree Programs

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Real Estate
  • Management
  • International Business
  • Finance
  • Information Systems

Students can also earn certificates in hospitality business management or financial services and minors in information systems, real estate, auditing or entrepreneurship.

Tuition and Enrollment at Hough Graduate School of Business

Full-time tuition varies depending on whether a student is a resident of Florida or non-resident. In 2017, tuition for residents was $12,737, and non-residents paid $30,130. Part-time tuition for any student was $26,622 per year, and the total cost for the executive program was $61,000. 

All applicants wanting to attend the Hough Graduate School of Business are required to take the graduate management admissions test (GMAT) as part of the application process. The average score for those accepted into the program is 680 and the median grade point average is 3.44. 

University of Florida

The University of Florida, of which Hough is a part, has been located in Gainesville, Fla., since 1906, although it was founded in 1853. It is the eighth largest university in the country with only one campus in the Unites States and the third largest in Florida, with more than 55,000 students enrolled in 2017. It is a member of the American Association of Universities, making it one of the premier research institutions in the country and its strong athletic teams, the Florida Gators, have won numerous championships and titles.

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