What are 'Top Holdings'

Top holdings are the securities with the greatest market value weight in a portfolio. Top holdings are determined by the market value they comprehensively represent within the total portfolio.

BREAKING DOWN 'Top Holdings'

Top holdings can provide insight into a portfolio’s style and the types of securities that it invests in. Top holdings are typically ranked by their total market value or expressed as a percentage of the fund’s total assets.

Most all publicly traded funds will report their top ten holdings in the marketing of the fund. Top holdings are typically displayed alongside an asset class, sub-asset class or sector breakdown. They can include all types of securities across the investment universe, including different stocks and bonds. In some cases the top holdings my include individual funds. For highly concentrated portfolios, a fund’s top ten holdings can potentially represent the entire portfolio.

Below is a breakdown of top holdings across some of the industry’s best performing stock, bond and fund-of-funds portfolios.

Stock Funds

In the large cap value category, the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF has provided leading market returns over the last year through February 2, 2018. The fund is reporting a gain of 34.65%. This index fund replicates the construction of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, therefore its top holdings will seek to match the top holdings of the Index. The Fund’s three top holdings as of February 1 were Boeing Company at 9.38%, Goldman Sachs at 7.15% and 3M Company at 6.52%.

Bond Funds

The Oppenheimer International Bond Fund is a top performing bond fund actively managed with bond investments from all over the world. The Fund has a one-year return of 7.04% through February 2, 2018. The Fund’s top holdings as of its most recent annual report released in September 2017 included Brazil 10.00% Unsecured Notes 1/1/21, India 8.27% Senior Unsecured Notes 6/9/20, Mexico Series M10 8.50% Bonds 12/13/18, Russia Series 6216 6.70% Bonds 5/15/19, U.K. 2.75% Bonds 9/7/24, U.K. 2.75% Bonds 9/7/24, United States Treasury Bills and the Oppenheimer Institutional Government Money Market Fund.

Fund of Funds

In the fund-of-funds category, the Vanguard STAR Fund is a top performing investment portfolio with a one-year return of 12.34% through February 2. The Fund is a balanced fund with a 60/40 stocks to bonds allocation. It uses a fund-of-funds approach to achieve its long-term capital appreciation and income objective. As of December 31, 2017, top holdings in the portfolio included the Vanguard Windsor II Fund Investor Shares at 14.1%, the Vanguard Long-Term Investment-Grade Fund Investor Shares at 12.5% and the Vanguard Short-Term Investment-Grade Fund Investor Shares at 12.5%.

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