DEFINITION of Trade Hill Exchange

Trade Hill Exchange was a Bitcoin exchange launched in June 2011. Trade Hill Exchange offers Bitcoin trade support for a number of currencies including the Australian and Canadian dollars, the euro, Chilean peso and Indian rupee. The exchange allows for both limit and market orders, and charges commission fees for all trades placed through the exchange.

BREAKING DOWN Trade Hill Exchange

Trade Hill Exchange was briefly very popular for the wide variety of currencies it supported; at its height it was exceeded in total exchanges only by the massive (and also now-defunct) exchange Mt. Gox. Trade Hill Exchange repeatedly encountered both operational and regulatory problems related to its banking platform, which was in one high-profile instance defrauded for over $100,000 by one of their payment processors. In 2012 Trade Hill began offering a new exchange platform called Prime, a B2B currency exchange intended for larger businesses or high-end investors; however, by early 2013 Trade Hill had shuttered permanently.