Tuck School of Business

Tuck School of Business

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What Is Tuck School of Business?

Tuck School of Business is the graduate business school of Dartmouth College. Founded in 1900 and located in Hanover, New Hampshire, it is one of the United States’ six Ivy League business schools.

Tuck School of Business is unique in only offering one graduate program: its Master of Business Administration (MBA), which is regularly ranked among the 10 best MBA programs in the United States.

Key Takeaways

  • Tuck School of Business is a graduate business school located in Hanover, New Hampshire.
  • It is one of the United States’ most famous business schools, and a member of the Ivy League.
  • Its MBA program is regularly ranked among the 10 best programs in the world, and is popular among those pursuing careers in management consulting, finance, and the technology sector.

How Tuck School of Business Works

The Tuck School of Business was founded in 1900 by William Jewett Tucker and Edward Tuck, who made a $300,000 donation to the school in the form of preferred shares in the Great Northern Railway Company. These funds were used to endow the Amos Tuck School of Administration and Finance, which was named in honor of Tuck’s father, Amos Tuck. Today, the school is commonly known simply as the Tuck School of Business, with many referring to it simply as “Tuck”.

Unlike most b-schools which offer a variety of MBA streams and other graduate programs, the Tuck School of Business is unique in offering a single program to all of their students. This sole MBA program is known for providing a broad range of general management skills, an approach which has been dubbed the “Tuck Pattern” by other institutions. 

In 2021, the school’s MBA cohort consisted of just under 300 students, of which 49% were female, 32% were minorities, and 37% were international students. They were supported by over 50 full-time faculty members, as well as several dedicated research centers for subjects such as health care, entrepreneurship, private equity (PE), and venture capital (VC).

Real World Example of Tuck School of Business

In 2019, BusinessWeek rated the Tuck School of Business MBA program as the 2nd-best MBA program in the world, while Forbes gave it a No. 6 rating.  Understandably, placements in the program are highly competitive, with the 2019 program having accepted less than 300 students out of a pool of more than 2,000 applicants.

With annual tuition of roughly $75,000 per year, Tuck School of Business MBA grads saw an average starting salary of roughly $140,000 in 2019, with average signing bonuses of $30,000. Of these, 98% of graduates received their job offers within three months of graduation. In recent years, popular industries for Tuck School of Business graduates have included management consulting, financial services, and technology, which together employed over 80% of the school’s 2019 cohort upon graduation.

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