Taiwan OTC Exchange (TWO) .TWO

What is the 'Taiwan OTC Exchange (TWO) .TWO '

The Taiwan OTC Exchange (TWO) is an alternative securities exchange in Taiwan with listing criteria that are lower than those of the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE). For companies making an initial public offering (IPO), listing on the TWO can be a step toward getting listed on the TWSE. Initial funding of the non-profit TWO was donated by the Taiwan Securities Association, the TWSE Corp. and the Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corp.

BREAKING DOWN 'Taiwan OTC Exchange (TWO) .TWO '

The Taipei Exchange (TPEx), the foundation dedicated to serving over-the-counter (OTC) bond trading in Taiwan, was established in November 1994. Formally known as the Gre Tai Securities Market, the TPEx deployed a weighted average stock index a year after its inception. The index tracks the performance of all stocks that have been listed on the TWO for more than one month. The exchange trades stocks (including emerging stocks), bonds (including government bonds, convertible bonds and international bonds), and derivatives.