WHAT IS Water Damage Legal Liability Insurance

Water damage legal liability insurance is a policy that provides financial protection to a person or business that unintentionally causes water damage to the property of another. Not all policies include water damage legal liability insurance, so it is important that the insured read their insurance contract carefully to determine if this coverage is included.

BREAKING DOWN Water Damage Legal Liability Insurance

Water damage legal liability insurance is a kind of liability insurance. Liability insurance is itself a kind of insurance policy that protects a an individual or business from the risk of being sued or being held legally liable for something. Liability insurance policies can cover both legal costs and any legal payouts for which the insured would be responsible if found legally liable.

This is a critical tool for business owners and individuals alike. Many business owners purchase liability insurance that covers them if an employee is injured during business operations, and it can be especially crucial for medical practitioners.

When water damage legal liability and personal liability insurance can benefit you

There are various situations when water damage legal liability insurance could help protect an individual from enormous costs. For example, if the owner of a second-floor condo unit experienced a water heater explosion and the water leaked into any units on the first floor, water damage legal liability insurance would protect the owners of the second-floor condo by providing the money to repair the damage to the first-floor units. If the owner of the second-floor condo does not have water damage legal liability insurance they could be held responsible for the repair costs of the first floor unit. This kind of insurance can also benefit renters; as renters don't own the property they occupy, they can be held liable for water damage to their own unit as well as neighbors' units.

Homeowner's insurance covers liability claims from accidents that occur on a policyholder's property, but only to a specified limit. Homeowners facing fees beyond that amount could face financial disaster. If one wants broader liability coverage than what their homeowners insurance and water damage legal liability insurance provide, an individual could purchase what is commonly called an umbrella insurance policy. Personal liability insurance makes payments on the policyholder's behalf in cases of property and auto accidents, as well as situations that involve libel, slander, vandalism or invasion of privacy. The policy also covers injuries that occur at secondary residences or seasonal homes, within recreational vehicles, on the premises of rental properties, or on a boat or watercraft owned by the policyholder.