What is a Woody

A Woody is an innuendo-based slang term referring to a strong, rapid upward movement in the stock market.


A Woody is a crude term describing a strong and rapid upward stock market movement. Based in sexual innuendo, this is one of the many analogies based in visualizations of stock market performance via charts. When a specific security or a market suddenly performs well, an investor or analyst may jokingly indicate that the stock or market has a woody, indicating that a sharp, strong upturn in performance will result in positive benefits for investors.

Slang terms are widespread in stock market analysis, and the metaphors invoked through use of such slang terms are often useful for both inexperienced investors as well as veterans to convey information quickly and effectively.

More than a few trading terms have sexual connotations, which has prompted more than a few writers to venture into writing fan fiction and erotica fueled by some of the more suggestive financial terms. The legendary Monty Python comedy troupe lampooned this proclivity for financial innuendo in their famous “Stock Exchange Report” sketch.

Woodies, Upturns and Other Market Growth Movements

There are many ways to describe positive performance in stock market performance, and while woody is one of the more graphic and inexact terms, others have more specific definitions that make them useful in describing market performance.

Uptick, for instance, indicates a slight increase the performance of a stock or market, usually marked over a short period of time. Analysts may be more likely to describe a woody as a more aggressive increase than an uptick.

An upswing, may be a more comparable term to otherwise describe the kind of performance a woody might represent. While an upswing can certainly describe a longer arc of improvement of a stock or market, it is certainly a term which is relevant for describing a short, sudden improvement in the value of a stock or market.

An upturn in market suggests a longer-term improvement in stock market performance. For instance, upturn is often used to describe the shift that occurs when a bear market shifts into a bull market.

A long-term upward market trend is known as a bull market, and a security that is surging upward can be said be bullish. So-named for the tendency of bulls to attack opponents by swinging their horns in an upward motion, a woody performance in a stock or market could certainly signal the beginning of a bullish period.