DEFINITION of 'Yale School of Management - Yale SOM'

Yale School of Management is Yale University's graduate business school. Yale School of Management offers both MBA and Ph.D. level programs and is known for, among other things, its focus on finance and ethics. The school recently introduced a new kind of integrated curriculum that combines a brief period of foreign study with organizational and employee analysis.

BREAKING DOWN 'Yale School of Management - Yale SOM'

Yale School of Management is located in New Haven, Conn. The first class to attend to school arrived in 1976, after receiving a donation to establish the program in 1971. The school’s mission is shaped by three main objectives:

  • Be the business school that is most integrated with its home university
  • Be the most distinctively global U.S. business school
  • Be recognized as the best source of elevated leaders for all sectors and regions

Yale School of Management Programs

Yale School of Management offers several different programs for graduate studies. In addition to the standard two-year master of business administration (MBA), the school also offers an executive MBA program for working students; a master of advanced management for graduates of business schools that are members of the Global Network for Advanced Management; master’s degree for systemic risk; a master’s degree for global business and society; a PhD program; and executive education programs. The doctoral program at Yale School of Management is a full-time, in-residence program intended for students who plan scholarly careers involving research and teaching in management

Yale School of Management Admission Standards

Yale School of Management is one of the smaller business schools in America, with nearly 100 faculty and roughly 340 slots in its MBA program. Admission is highly competitive; less than 15% of all applicants were admitted in 2010.

Connection to Yale University

Yale School of Management strives to be the graduate business school most connected to its home university. The two schools offer nine joint degree programs:

  • Law
  • Environment
  • Global Affairs
  • Medicine
  • Public Health
  • Architecture
  • Drama
  • Divinity
  • MBA/PhD

Nearly 20% of Yale School of Management students pursue joint degrees. Students are also required to fulfill a global studies requirement to graduate. This requirement can be filled by taking an international experience course, a week-long global networks course, utilizing a global virtual team, a global social entrepreneur course, a global social enterprise course, on an international exchange with a partner school.

Notable Yale School of Management Alumni

Notable Yale School of Management alumni include: Jane Mendillo, D. Ellen Shuman, and Sandra Urie.

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