Resides In

Central New Jersey


Rider University


Personal Finance, Student Loans, Debt Management, Managing Financial Stress


  • More than 10 years of experience as a personal finance, parent, and mental health journalist
  • Former marketing and communications professional at a real estate company
  • Host of local workshops discussing financial and contractual advice for freelance professionals
  • Writing expertise focuses on the intersection of personal finance, race, and culture


Terri Huggins is an award-winning journalist with more than 10 years of professional experience. She writes about personal finance, parenting and emotional wellbeing with a focus on the intersection of those topics with race and culture. Terri was first introduced to personal finance management while working at a real estate office. After that experience, she started a blog focused on running a side hustle, student debt repayment, and money management. Terri has written for a variety of publications including The New York Times, Washington Post, Real Simple, Huffington Post, and more. In addition to her writing work, Terri is a frequent public speaker and fitness instructor.


Terri Huggins has a Bachelors of Arts in Communication and Journalism.

Quote from Terri Huggins

“Society likes to shame people without a lot of money. However, If you consider yourself broke, you’re likely better with money than you think. It takes a lot of skill and effort to somehow turn limited money into a food, shelter, transportation and personal enjoyment. Give yourself some credit for doing the best you can with what you got.”