Tesla Revenue Grows, Sells Bitcoin

Tesla's second-quarter earnings beat analysts' expectations

Tesla (TSLA) shares climbed 2% in pre-market trading after the electric vehicle company reported its revenue grew 42%, though its margins have declined. 

The company’s second quarter earnings met analysts' estimates despite a prolonged shutdown of its plant in Shanghai because of COVID-19 lockdowns. Tesla reported revenues were $16.9 billion compared to expectations of $17 billion. Profits came in at $2.27 per share compared to expectations of $1.81 per share.

Earlier this month, Tesla reported vehicle deliveries of 254,695 vehicles for the second quarter, which is a 27% increase from a year ago, but an 18% decrease from the prior quarter.

Automotive gross margins at Tesla came in at 27.9%, down from 32.9% last quarter and 28.4% a year ago. The company said margins were hurt by inflation and more competition for battery cells and other components. 

Tesla also said the company sold 75% of its Bitcoin holdings, which added almost a billion dollars of cash to its balance sheet. In a conference call with analysts, Elon Musk said the company sold the cryptocurrency because it wasn’t certain when the COVID-19 lockdowns in China would end, and it was important for Tesla to maximize its cash position. 

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