Texas Real Estate School

Real estate courses offered by an established real estate school

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Texas Real Estate School

Texas Real Estate School

Our Take

The Texas Real Estate School is a real estate school that offers pre-licensing, exam prep, and continuing education classes to current and aspiring real estate agents and brokers. The school doesn’t offer additional courses such as property management, but it does provide real estate industry blogs and helpful, detailed licensing steps for getting your salesperson and broker’s license in Texas. The school is an option if you plan to work in real estate somewhere in Texas and want to take your classes online. 

  • Pros & Cons
  • Key Takeaways
  • Company Overview
Pros & Cons
  • Helpful instructor support

  • Licensure steps on site

  • Bonuses when you buy a package

  • No additional professional classes

  • No career hub

  • Only offered in one state

Key Takeaways
  • Online real estate pre-licensing courses for salespeople and brokers
  • Continuing education classes and exam prep courses
  • Texas salesperson licensing course packages start at $498
Company Overview

The Texas Real Estate School is a real estate school that offers pre-licensing, continuing education, and exam prep classes to aspiring real estate agents and real estate brokers. It was established in 2003 with the goal of putting a new take on old-school real estate courses. It is part of the Kaplan family and is ARELLO-certified, meaning it meets the institution’s strict standards for real estate schools. It is also TREC-certified, which means it meets the Texas Real Estate Commission’s educational requirements for real estate instruction. 

The school has offices throughout Texas including locations in Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. However, it is currently offering online classes only. The website is easily navigable and includes licensing steps, blogs, and real estate industry news. It’s also easy to get in contact with the school seven days a week with various contact methods. However, the school doesn’t offer a career hub or an FAQ section for its students.

  • Year Founded 2003
  • Kinds of Courses Pre-licensing, continuing education, and exam prep
  • Number of States Where Courses Are Offered 1
  • Price $498+ for pre-licensing package in Texas
  • Contact Email and telephone: 1-512-697-9111
  • Official Website www.schoolestate.com

The Texas Real Estate School is not one of our top-rated real estate schools. You can review our list of the best online real estate schools for what we think are better options.

The Texas Real Estate School is a real estate school designed to help Texas real estate professionals pass their exams and succeed in the real estate industry. The school puts great emphasis on instructor support for current and former students, and instructors are available throughout the week to answer questions and help guide students. The school offers online self-paced courses including pre-licensing, exam prep, and continuing education classes for agents and brokers. However, it doesn’t offer any additional classes on topics such as appraisal or property management. 

Pros Explained

  • Helpful instructor support: The school prides itself on its highly available student support, with easy-to-access customer service and instructors. Even if you have already passed the exam, you can reach out to instructors for advice and guidance. 
  • Licensure steps on site: Having detailed steps on how to get your license and what to expect during the process is convenient and helpful. This saves time for students because they don’t have to go to multiple sites to find this information. 
  • Bonuses when you buy a package: Bonus material comes with all agent and broker pre-licensing packages. Some examples include flashcards, real estate math digital books, and tools to build your own prep exams. 

Cons Explained

  • No additional professional classes: The school only offers real estate classes. If you want to get a designation or specialize in a niche such as property management, you will have to look elsewhere. 
  • No career hub: The school has some student resources but no career hub. This means students will have to do more of their own research for job openings and career tips for the real estate industry. 
  • Only offered in one state: Courses are only offered in Texas, so if you want to work in another state or want to be licensed in multiple states, you will need to find a school that offers classes in multiple states. 

Available Courses

The Texas Real Estate School offers pre-licensing real estate agent courses, pre-licensing courses for brokers, exam prep, and continuing education classes for both agents and brokers. Continuing education classes are designed to keep you up to date on the latest real estate industry laws and changes and are required in order to renew your license. Exam prep classes aren’t required but are recommended to help you prepare for the real estate exam. Unfortunately, Texas Real Estate School doesn’t offer professional development courses or courses for other disciplines, such as mortgage lending, appraisal, or home inspection. 

Salesperson Pre-Licensing

Salesperson pre-licensing courses are available individually and as packages. Individual courses are $128 each. Topics include Principles 1, Principles 2, Laws of Agency, Promulgated Forms, Law of Contracts, and Finance 1. Each course is 30 hours. If you want to purchase a package instead of an individual course, there are three to choose from. 

Success Pack X6 includes all of the individual course topics as well as private one-on-one tutoring, bi-weekly study groups, recorded exam prep videos, unlimited practice exams, a flashcard app, PDF textbooks, and national and state study guides. It’s priced at $498. Success Pack X6+ includes everything from the first package plus recorded instructor videos and extra printed workbooks. It’s priced at $568. The Success Pack X6+Live includes everything from the previous two packages; however, instead of recorded instructor videos, you get access to live online instructors with scheduled class times. 

All of the Success Packs also include free bonuses, such as mastering real estate math material, video-based exam prep, tools to create your own exams, information on creating multiple streams of income, and others. 

Exam Prep

The Texas Real Estate School gives students one free exam prep resource available on its website. It is a real estate glossary with commonly used real estate terms and their definitions. Exam prep courses cost $169 for agents and brokers and include instructor-led videos, content review sessions, and two full practice exams. They also include drills and question banks and all of the exam information is up to date. They can be accessed anytime online and are in an on-demand format. 

Continuing Education

The Texas Real Estate School offers multiple continuing education and post-licensing packages. There are two sales agent apprentice education packages. These are also referred to as SAE and are required the first time that agents renew their license. In some other states they’re called post-licensing classes. 

The 90-hour package is $249 and includes real estate investment, sales and marketing, and property management classes. The 98-hour package includes everything from the 90-hour package plus eight hours of legal updates. Both packages come with all required course materials. 

There are also two continuing education packages. One is for sales agents and is priced at $79 and includes 18 hours of instruction. Covered topics include contracts, legal, price and value, and energy decisions. The broker package is also $79, includes 18 hours of instruction, and its topics include contracts, legal, broker responsibility, and energy decisions. All course materials are included and upon completion, the hours are automatically sent to TREC. 

Within the first two years of having your real estate license, you must complete 90 hours of Salesperson Apprentice Education (SAE) and a total of eight hours in legal updates. After your initial license renewal, you only need 18 hours of continuing education hours every two years.

Course Format

Courses are currently only offered online in a self-paced format at the Texas Real Estate School. According to the website, the average student completes the real estate agent pre-licensing course in four to six weeks. All courses meet the real estate commission’s educational requirements and mandatory hours. All real estate courses are good for six months from the day of enrollment. 

Pre-licensing courses are offered individually and as a package. All packages include PDF materials, flashcard applications, recorded exam prep videos, unlimited practice exams, and national and state study guides. Real estate principles, law of agency, law of contracts, promulgated contract forms, and real estate finance are the major topics covered in pre-licensing courses for real estate agents. 


The instructors at the Texas Real Estate School are referred to as mentor instructors and are there with the intention to help students succeed. All instructors are licensed Texas real estate brokers and experts in the real estate industry in Texas. They are generally available during the week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and you will get their contact information once you enroll in a class. The school doesn’t have instructor bios on its website. 


The Texas Real Estate School has a positive overall reputation in the state of Texas as a local real estate school with multiple campuses. It is ARELLO-certified and meets all of the Texas Real Estate Commission’s standards for pre-licensing and continuing education classes. Student reviews and testimonials found on its website are positive and highlight the knowledgeable instructors, how easy it is to get in contact with the school, and how informative the classes are. 


Pricing for real estate agent pre-licensing class packages ranges from $498 to $898. Exam prep courses are priced at $169 for agents and brokers. A real estate glossary is available for free on the website. Continuing education courses range from $79 to $285 and are available as packages for both agents and brokers. Pre-licensing courses are priced slightly on the higher side, and exam prep and continuing education courses are competitively priced. 

Customer Service

You can reach customer support at Texas Real Estate School on their website www.schoolestate.com through an online contact form, through an online chat button, or by phone at 1-512-697-9111. The school has customer service agents answering the phones Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST, and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST, and they are closed on holidays. Once you sign up for a class, you also get access to instructor support. Instructors will give you their contact details and availability. 

Competition: Texas Real Estate School vs. Mbition

Mbition is an online learning center that helps adult students of all career levels reach their goals. Its real estate pre-licensing and exam prep courses specifically focus on passing the exam the first time. Mbition is an IDECC- and ARELLO-accredited online real estate school, meaning that the school has met the high standards for online education that both institutions have. It teaches real estate classes online but doesn’t have any campus locations. It has positive former student reviews and, in addition to real estate courses, it offers home inspection courses. Pre-licensing classes are offered in 20 states including Texas. 

We are comparing Mbition with the Texas Real Estate School because both schools offer an assortment of pre-licensing, exam prep, and continuing education classes online in Texas. However, Mbition offers lower-priced courses, provides courses in multiple states, and has a more organized website. It also highlights its instructors, all of which are reasons we recommend Mbition over the Texas Real Estate School.

  Texas Real Estate School Mbition 
Pricing $498+ for pre-licensing in Texas $415.65+ for pre-licensing in Texas
Courses Offered  Real estate licensing, continuing ed, and exam prep  Real estate licensing, exam prep, continuing ed, and home inspection 
Number of States Courses Are Offered  1 20
Course Format  Self-paced online and live-online  Self-paced online
Final Verdict

The Texas Real Estate School is a viable option if you’re interested in attending real estate courses with the intention of working somewhere in Texas. Some of its positive attributes include its one-on-one tutoring, step-by-step licensing information, and online chat option. It is also ARELLO-certified. However, it only offers classes in one state and doesn’t offer any professional development courses. It also doesn’t have a mobile app or any FAQs for students to reference with their questions. These are things to keep in mind when making a decision about which real estate school to attend.

Our Methodology: How We Review Real Estate Schools

We researched and analyzed numerous facets of each real estate school with a quantitative approach in mind. Some of the elements considered include costs of the classes, course formats, accreditation, and former student reviews. We also look at the overall reputation of the provider, geographic areas where the courses are available, and instructor qualifications. Additionally, we assess how easy it is to navigate the website and whether it includes additional student resources such as blogs, webinars, and career tips.