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More Than Just Credit Repair

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The Credit Pros

 The Credit Pros

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Our Take

The Credit Pros offers more diverse services than just about any competitor, but you’ll have to pay a premium for the convenience. Their fees are only worth considering if you really need the full scope of services available. Even then, you’ll have to decide whether you can afford to divert those funds from your current debt repayment plan.

  • Pros & Cons
  • Key Takeaways
  • Company Overview
Pros & Cons
  • Free consultation

  • Includes several bonus services

  • Offers a mobile app

  • Unlimited credit disputes

  • Bilingual services available

  • High initial fees

  • Limited educational resources

  • Website difficult to navigate

Key Takeaways
  • The Credit Pros is a credit repair service that also offers credit monitoring, identity monitoring, debt management plans, budgeting help, and more.
  • Three credit repair packages are offered, although there’s also a fourth option that only includes credit and identity theft monitoring.
  • The company provides advanced digital communication tools including a free smartphone app and live web chat.
  • Package pricing is considerably high for the credit repair industry.
Company Overview

New Jersey-based credit repair providers The Credit Pros has been in business since 2009. The company offers credit repair services remotely to customers across the United States, but also sells a separate credit monitoring package to those who don’t need credit repair. The Credit Pros has made the Inc. 5000 list six times.

  • Year Founded 2009
  • Kinds of Credit Repair Service Credit disputes, monitoring, identity protection, debt management
  • Fee Schedule Upfront and monthly
  • Monitoring Options Included
  • Customer Service Phone, email, web chat
  • Official Website
The Credit Pros

 The Credit Pros

Investopedia’s Rating

The credit repair process typically involves disputing inaccurate negative information in your credit history, items that ended up on your report by no fault of your own. But if past credit mistakes are also weighing down your credit score, you’ll need much more than just credit repair to fix your score.

The Credit Pros is a credit repair company equipped to deal in many of these areas, including debt repayment and budgeting. Our review explains each of these services in-depth and answers the one question that truly matters: Is the price really worth it?

Pros Explained

  • Free consultation: The Credit Pros will provide an initial phone consultation regarding your credit free of charge.
  • Includes several bonus services: In addition to credit disputes and monitoring, packages include financial planning tools like a budgeting system, debt management services, identity theft monitoring, and more.
  • Offers a mobile app: The Credit Pros’ free mobile app is available for download on iOS and Android devices.
  • Unlimited credit disputes: There’s no hard-and-fast limit to the number of disputes The Credit Pros will send on your behalf each month, even with the most basic plan.
  • Bilingual services available: Customers can receive assistance in both English and Spanish.

Cons Explained

  • High initial fees: Initial work fees fall between $119 and $149.
  • Limited educational resources: The Credit Pros provides some helpful information regarding credit health, but lags behind competitors in consumer education.
  • Website difficult to navigate: You may have difficulty locating the information you need on The Credit Pros’ website.

Types of Services

For customers interested in credit repair, The Credit Pros bundles its services into three different packages at various price points. As you’d expect, the more expensive plans include more services than the entry-level options.

The most notable aspect of The Credit Pros’ service offering is that each package addresses credit repair similarly. In theory, many competitors drastically limit credit repair services with entry-level plans to convince customers to upgrade to a more expensive option.

By contrast, the key difference between The Credit Pros’ plans is the scope of non-credit repair services included. This makes the company’s entry-level plan a fantastic value compared to other credit repair companies.

Money Management

The Money Management plan covers all the basic tools you might need to address your credit: unlimited monthly disputes, credit and identity monitoring, and access to financial planning tools like a budgeting system.

You’ll also get access to The Credit Pros’ debt management services, which are quite extensive compared to other credit repair services. When appropriate, the company will send debt validation letters on your behalf. If you have an accurate negative item on your credit report, The Credit Pros will help you address the debt using a snowball or avalanche repayment method. However, you’ll be limited to just one debt repayment account with the Money Management plan. To tackle more accounts at once, you’ll have to upgrade.

Prosperity Package

The Prosperity Package includes everything you’ll find in the Money Management plan but doesn’t limit you to a single debt repayment account. This makes the plan a more logical option for those who need to address more than just inaccurate items on their report.

Success Plus Package

The Credit Pros’ premium plan, the Success Plus Package, offers the most varied services. On top of everything that comes with the Prosperity Package, this plan includes access to a credit builder loan and reports and scores from the three major credit bureaus.

  Money Management Prosperity Success Plus
Monthly disputes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Credit monitoring
Identity monitoring
Budgeting system
Debt management √*
Access to financing program  √  
Credit builder loan
Reports and scores from three major bureaus

Customer Service

While many credit repair services only offer assistance by phone and email, The Credit Pros goes above and beyond to make their representatives accessible. Of course, traditional phone and email correspondence are always available; phones are answered from 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. If you’re looking for something more convenient, however, a webchat is available during operating hours on The Credit Pros’ website.

The Credit Pros is also one of relatively few credit repair companies to offer a free mobile app. Customers can use the app to track their credit repair progress, view their credit reports, and get push notifications when score changes are detected. The app gets excellent reviews with 4.5-star average ratings in Google Play and Apple app stores.

Company Reputation

Customer reviews for The Credit Pros are mixed; while most are positive, there are also a few complaints to know about. The good news is that there are no official complaints on file with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the government agency that acts as a watchdog over the credit repair industry. However, customers have filed complaints through unofficial channels.

While credit repair companies can do their best to have inaccurate items removed from your report, no company is able to guarantee specific results. A free credit repair consultation is a great time to ask the company upfront which items on your report could be eligible for dispute. If the company can’t identify any legitimate discrepancies, credit repair may not be the right solution for you.

If you have a complaint about the services of a credit repair company, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or call 877-FTC-HELP.

Contract Duration

There are no contracts to worry about with The Credit Pros. All plans are month to month and can be canceled at any time as long as you contact the company before your next payment is due.


Although it’s hard to argue that The Credit Pros offers more expansive service options than almost any competitor, prices are also on the high end for the industry. Initial work fees for the entry-level Money Management plan, for example, are nearly twice the monthly fees for that package. Pricing for the most premium plan reaches $149 in first work and monthly fees, which is far from affordable if you’re simultaneously paying down debts to improve your credit. Those funds might be better used toward outstanding loan balances to improve your credit.

The Credit Pros justifies its high prices by bundling a laundry list of credit repair and financial services into each of its packages. To decide whether the cost is worth it, you should ask yourself if you honestly plan to use each service included. If the answer is no, you might be better off with a cheaper, no-frills package from a competitor.

  Money Management Prosperity Package Success Package
First work fee $119.00 $119.00 $149.00
Monthly fee $69.00 $119.99 $149.00

The Competition: The Credit Pros vs. Credit Nerds

Since The Credit Pros is on the more expensive end of the credit repair price range, we wanted to see how services compared to Credit Nerds, a competitor that sits squarely on the opposite end of the spectrum. Credit Nerds is the only company we’ve found that offers a basic credit repair service completely free of charge, although an upgraded credit audit is also available for a one-time charge of $97.

Credit Nerds is far from matching the same scope of services as The Credit Pros, but if your credit history is strong overall and the only issue you face is a handful of credit reporting inaccuracies, Credit Nerds is by far the better choice. With that said, if you’ve struggled with managing debt for an extended period of time and need professional help to address your credit from multiple angles, The Credit Pros could pay for itself, as long as you know you’ll use all the services that come with the monthly fee.

  The Credit Pros Credit Nerds
Year Founded 2009 2008
Services Offered Credit repair, monitoring, identity theft protection, financial planning Credit repair, funding
Customer Service Touchpoints Phone, email, client portal Phone, email, Facebook Messenger
Upfront Fee $119.00 to $149.00 $0
Monthly Fee $69.00 to $149.00 $0

With advanced services that far exceed the limited scope of traditional credit repair, The Credit Pros is best suited for individuals with extensive credit damage following a long history of mismanaged debt. The company’s entry-level credit repair package offers exceptional value compared to equivalent plans from competitors, although you’ll have to balance this against an exceptionally high initial work fee.

At the end of the day, The Credit Pros is only worth it if you plan to take full advantage of all the services included in the package you choose. Even then, you should deeply consider whether those monthly fees would have a more positive impact on your credit if you used the funds to pay down balances instead.

How We Review Credit Repair Companies

We know how hard it can be to tell a legitimate credit repair company from an outright scam. Our credit repair reviews examine each company carefully to assess value and uncover any potential traps. We analyze each service at a microscopic level and compare packages to industry standards and equivalents from competitors. To get the broadest possible analysis, we also consider data from third-party ratings and government databases.

Learn more: Read our full Credit Repair Review Methodology here.

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