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In order to be a successful trader, it's important to learn from your mistakes. Our lessons learned series is designed to help you analyze your trading style — and understand what it means in light of this week's market.

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Which Type Are You?

Finding a trading strategy that best matches your personality can help you trade effectively and in a way that feels right for you. Take our simple quiz to find what category of trader you fall into.

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Question 1 of 7
How frequently do you tend to conduct investment research?
Question 2 of 7
How long are you comfortable holding onto a position?
A few minutes to a few hours: never overnight
A few days to a few weeks
A few weeks to a few months
Question 3 of 7
Why do you trade?
For a living - it's my primary source of income
To supplement my income
To grow my nest egg
Question 4 of 7
Where do you tend to get your information?
I mostly rely on charts and data I receive from my trading platform
I use a mix of data that I receive from my trading platform and company fundamentals/news from regular news outlets and databases
I stick to more traditional news outlets and databases of company filings
Question 5 of 7
Which of the following statements best describes you?
I'm an aggressive trader and comfortable taking a few losses on ideas that I feel are strong
I'm in the middle: I tend to be careful about my position sizes in order to minimize downside risk
I only tend to invest in companies that I believe are headed in the right direction
Question 6 of 7
How do you feel about recent market volatility?
I'm glad that it's back
I'm ambivalent - I can profit in any market
The companies I invest in are strong. Market volatility doesn't bother me
Question 7 of 7
It's the start of earnings season. What are you up to?
Trying to predict company earnings to position myself ahead of the news
Paying close attention to market moves to see if there's a price swing I can capitalize on
Paring new company releases and/or checking in on earnings calls, but I don't expect to make any huge moves
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This week from Investopedia
Trader Takeaways

Despite weak global macro data, stocks closed the week strong, with the Dow up 1.6% and the S&P 500 up 2.9% on the week. Traders this week will have an eye on the FOMC meeting that begins Tuesday, as well as on U.S./China trade.

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Trader Takeaways
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