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Malden, Massachusetts


B.S. Northeastern University


Investing, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Stocks, Options, Retirement Accounts

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TJ Porter Writing LLC


  • TJ has more than eight years of experience writing about finance
  • He focuses on investing, real estate, and credit-related topics
  • His work has been published on The Balance, Bankrate, and Credit Karma.


TJ Porter has over eight years of experience as a personal finance writer covering investing, stocks, ETFs, banking, credit, and more. His work has appeared on a number of well-known finance sites, including The Balance, Bankrate, and Credit Karma.

TJ began writing about personal finance while in college in Boston, Massachusetts. He sought to make the most of his money in an expensive city and to help his friends do the same, often by leveraging credit card rewards. In all of his writing, TJ aims to provide easy to understand and actionable content that can help readers make financial choices that work for them.


TJ received his Bachelor of Science in business administration, with minors in history and international affairs from Northeastern University in 2016.

Quote from TJ Porter

Personal finance is just that: personal. It's a science and an art that involves working to save and grow your nest egg while also using it as a tool to help people.