Alex Chalekian

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Lake Avenue Financial, Pasadena, CA
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Alex Chalekian, CEO of Lake Avenue Financial, has been dedicated to assisting clients in working toward their financial goals for over two decades. While Alex has been on the Investopedia 100 list for the past four years, this is the first time he is being recognized as a top-10 industry leader.

In addition to his work with Lake Avenue Financial, where he and his team develop comprehensive, individualized plans for each of their clients, Alex is the co-founder of Futurevest—an online financial education platform—which he launched in February 2022 with the help of his wife, Rosa, and three sons. The mission of the platform is to assist people in becoming financially independent and increase levels of financial literacy, all while making finance fun. For every paid member of the subscription service, Alex and his team promise to give free membership to people in under-served communities who need access to these financial tools and resources.

Alex also serves as a Learn Mentor of Altruist, a software platform designed for financial advisors and their clients. In this role, he shares financial tips and strategies in an easy-to-learn way in order to help participants make more informed decisions with their money and financial goals.

Alex received a business management degree from Pepperdine University before entering the financial planning industry in 1997. Today, Alex makes frequent media appearances and speaks at many of the industry’s top conferences. He lives in Pasadena, California with his wife and three sons.