Dasarte Yarnway

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Managing Director
Berknell Financial Group, Princeton, NJ
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Dasarte Yarnway is the Founder & Managing Director of Berknell Financial Group, an innovative independent wealth management firm focused on helping millennials and seasoned investors design their best lives.

Since the firm’s inception, Berknell Financial Group has become one of the most notable millennial-led financial services organizations. In an industry that focuses on revenue and dollars invested, Dasarte realized that a firm’s value is created through how it can invest in its clients. Through this, The Wealth Bridge™ , Private Client Groups and Berknell Athletes were created. With his passion for listening to his client's greatest concerns and applying realistic solutions, Dasarte has become the go-to partner for millennials, growing families and seasoned investors alike. Berknell encapsulates this approach in their motto: Advice With You In Mind.

Coined a "financial thought leader" and guru by NerdWallet and Financial Planning Magazine, Dasarte believes in meeting you where you are. He offers advice and insight through his weekly podcast, The Young Money Podcast, three books ("Dating Benji 2016", "Young Money 2018", "Pay Me In Equity 2019") and weekly blog. His prayer is that you may design your wealth on your terms.