Trust & Estate Planning

Map out your family's future and leave a legacy with well-drawn wills, the right types of trusts, and careful estate planning.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I set up a trust fund?

    To set up a trust, you first need to decide what kind of trust best suits your needs. Once you know how you’d like the trust to be structured, you’ll need to draft a trust document, either on your own or with the help of an estate lawyer, that lays out the grantor, trustee, beneficiaries, and assets. Then you sign and notarize the trust document and set up a trust account in which the assets are deposited.

  • What does it mean to give someone power of attorney?

    To give someone power of attorney means to give them the legal authority to act on your behalf. Power of attorney can be issued to more than one person and can entail varying degrees of authority. For example, you can give someone limited power of attorney that applies to a very specific action (e.g., closing on the sale of your home). Or you can give someone what’s called “springing” power of attorney, which can give them broad or narrow authority that only kicks in under specific circumstances, like your incapacitation.

  • Can I contest a will?

    Yes, you can contest a decedent’s will if you believe you have been unjustly removed from it. However, you will need to prove to a judge that the testator (i.e., the person whose will it is) was coerced into removing you from their will, lacked the mental capacity to understand they were writing you out of their will, or that the document in question was falsified.

  • How do I revoke a revocable trust?

    To revoke or close a revocable trust, you first need to remove all assets from the trust. Then, you need to draft a formal declaration of your wish to dissolve the trust. These can often be downloaded online or acquired through a probate court, but make sure to consult a lawyer to ensure your form complies with local laws. Then, the grantor must sign with form with a notary acting as witness, and either file the form with the court where the trust was registered or append the form to existing trust documents.

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