Stock, Crypto Prices Now On Your Twitter Account With eToro Deal

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Twitter users will now be able to see prices of a wide variety of assets—including stocks and cryptocurrencies—using eToro.

Key Takeaways

  • eToro and Twitter have partnered to provide asset prices via the cashtags feature.
  • Twitter users searching for particular cashtags will find live charts and the ability to invest via eToro in their results.
  • This deal is another step in Musk's ambition to build an everything app akin to WeChat in China

So, How Will It Work?

While not a direct integration within the Twitter app, users will be able to easily gain access to the eToro pages for various assets with "cashtags" that have been linkable as finance-focused hashtag alternatives on the social media platform for years. Twitter introduced cashtags in December 2022.

A number of cashtags on Twitter already reveal live price charts in their search results; however, the number of assets with this feature will greatly expand following the partnership with eToro. Notably, this deal covers a wide range of different asset classes, from cryptocurrencies to traditional stocks and commodities.

"Twitter has become a crucial part of the retail investing community–it’s where millions of ordinary investors go every day to access financial news, share knowledge and converse. As the social investing network, eToro was built on these very principles–community, knowledge-sharing and better access to financial markets," said eToro CEO and co-founder Yoni Assia

Musk's Crypto Push and Everything App Ambition

Even before he acquired Twitter, Elon Musk has shared his very public interest in bitcoin, dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies on the platform. At one point, Tesla (TSLA) was also accepting bitcoin as payment for cars. This new deal could further cement Musk's push for crypto on Twitter.

Perhaps, it is also another step towards Musk's ambition of building an "everything app." Earlier this week, Twitter ceased to exist as a corporation as it merged with Musk's X Corp. The idea of the 'everything app' is akin to the role WeChat plays in China.

"You basically live on WeChat in China because it's so useful and so helpful to your daily life," Musk told Twitter employees last June. "And I think if we could achieve that, or even close to that with Twitter, it would be an immense success."

And finance would be one way to go for it especially since earlier this month Musk also said he wants Twitter to become the "largest financial institution in the world."

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