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  1. Introduction - Day Traders
  2. Introduction - Day Trading and Options
  3. Types of Options
  4. Near Month In-The-Money Options and The Protective Put
  5. Stock Options and Weekly Options
  6. Mini Options
  7. Index Options and Mini Index Options
  8. Binary Options
  9. Options on Futures
  10. ES Weekly Options and E-Mini Options
  11. ETF Options and IRA Options
  12. Conclusion

By buying an option, a day trader is never obligated to buy or sell shares of the underlying stock. Rather, day traders can continue to buy and sell the options multiple times if they desire, which allows them to possibly profit many times over from stock price movements. Options afford day traders advantages that are not available from any other financial instrument.

There are many strategies day traders can construct and apply to options trading depending on whether the security is likely to rise, fall, or be in a stable holding pattern. Options allow the day trader to decide on the level of risk that she is willing to tolerate and to set limits on risk. These factors contribute to options trading offering some of the most exciting investment possibilities available in the world of trading. 

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