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  1. Financial Careers: Introduction
  2. Financial Careers: Qualifications and Credentials
  3. Financial Careers: Finance Employers
  4. Financial Careers: Investment Banking Jobs
  5. Financial Careers: Trading Jobs
  6. Financial Careers: Financial Advisory Jobs
  7. Financial Careers: Analytical Jobs
  8. Financial Careers: Financial Media Jobs
  9. Financial Careers: Analyst Jobs
  10. Financial Careers: Portfolio Management Jobs
  11. Financial Careers: Conclusion

There are some common characteristics which apply to many of the positions found in this tutorial; financial careers tend to be stressful, to have high barriers to entry, to enjoy lucrative salaries, and to be centralized in major financial centers. They tend to provide challenging work environments, interaction with highly motivated and intelligent colleagues, and stiff competition among applicants. Most of them require a substantial amount of education as well as stellar academic performance. While many people are drawn to the financial field because of the potential for substantial income, those who are the most successful tend to also have a distinct passion for their work.


We have also not covered all of the positions in the financial world. With the changing face of finance, particularly in light of cryptocurrencies and new start-ups which are emerging all the time, there are new career paths being forged every day. Beyond that, many firms operate in a distinct way from other peer institutions, and two roles at different companies with the same job title may have very different daily tasks.


If any of the roles throughout this tutorial are appealing to you, you should consider this just the beginning of your research. If possible, seek out individuals working in the position you’re interested in, and discuss their work and career path in order to better your understanding. Finally, it’s crucial that you carefully consider your own abilities and interests, as well as your career and work/life balance goals, before you embark on any career, and especially one as demanding as a job in finance. For those individuals with a love of the markets and their clients, a job in this area can be a dream come true. (For more careers in the finance world, check out Less Coveted Finance Careers Offer Enviable Rewards.)






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