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  1. Introduction to Five Chart Patterns You Need to Know
  2. Symmetrical Triangle
  3. Ascending/Descending Triangle
  4. Head and Shoulders
  5. Double/Triple - Bottom/Top
  6. Minimizing Risk
  7. Maximizing Your Return in Up or Down Markets
  8. Conclusion - Top 5 Reasons to Try Chart Advisor

A Simple Toolkit for Reliable Returns

In this simple-to-follow guide we introduce you to five of the most powerful, profitable patterns in stocks. In the next few pages, you’ll learn all the skills you need to recognize proven money-making stock patterns. There are hundreds of patterns in stock charts that traders can look for, but we're only going to focus on the most trusted.

We’ll introduce you to the system – Three Simple Steps to Stock Profits. After reading this guide, you’ll discover how to:

  1. Identify profitable stock patterns
  2. Minimize your risk
  3. Maximize your return in up and down markets

Once you've learned the patterns and system, you'll want to subscribe to our free Chart Advisor email newsletter to get the latest technical analysis on stocks, ETFs and commodities.

Symmetrical Triangle
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