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  1. Guide To Smartphone Forex Apps: Introduction
  2. Guide To Smartphone Forex Apps: Forex Trading Apps
  3. Guide To Smartphone Forex Apps: Forex Analysis Apps
  4. Guide To Smartphone Forex Apps: Forex Signaling Apps
  5. Guide To Smartphone Forex Apps: Forex Education Apps
  6. Guide To Smartphone Forex Apps: Conclusion

Modern forex traders rely on mobile apps for real-time trading, analysis, signals, and even education. In addition to the 12 apps covered in this article, there are countless others that you may want to consider depending on the forex broker that you use and your goals.

Forex isn't free

It's important to keep in mind that many of these free apps were created with the goal of upselling you on their platform and/or subscription services. You should exercise caution before following these pathways to ensure that they're the best option for your specific trading needs.

Many trading signal apps also provide free or paid trading ideas sent directly to your smartphone, but it's important to take these ideas with a grain of salt. You should do your own due diligence on potential trading opportunities before buying into them.

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