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  1. Guide To Smartphone Forex Apps: Introduction
  2. Guide To Smartphone Forex Apps: Forex Trading Apps
  3. Guide To Smartphone Forex Apps: Forex Analysis Apps
  4. Guide To Smartphone Forex Apps: Forex Signaling Apps
  5. Guide To Smartphone Forex Apps: Forex Education Apps
  6. Guide To Smartphone Forex Apps: Conclusion

Many people are interested in the forex market, but don't know how to get started or aren't comfortable committing capital quite yet. Fortunately, there are a growing number of education-focused forex apps that can help you learn the basic concepts and even practice trading in a live environment until you're ready for live trading.

Forex apps to practice on

  • Forex Trading for Beginners - Forex Trading for Beginners is the most popular forex training and education app available on the Apple App Store. Based on the ebook Forex Basics & Secrets in 15 Minutes, the app lets you practice trading in real-time, learn forex concepts with illustrated lessons, and much more. App Store | Google Play
  • Forex Hero - Forex Hero is a trading game that was developed by the authors of a leading Slideshare Forex ebook. Rather than reading through hundreds of tutorials and webinars, the app aims to provide a fun and effective way to learn about the forex market in a fraction of the time. App Store | Google Play
  • OhMyGeorge - OhMyGeorge is a forex trading simulation using live market data that helps you learn how to trade forex without the risk of committing real capital. The simplified interface makes the concepts a lot more approachable then using a demo account with a major broker. App Store | Google Play

Guide To Smartphone Forex Apps: Conclusion
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