1. Broker Guide To Forex.com: Introduction
  2. Broker Guide To Forex.com: Account Types And Requirements
  3. Broker Guide To Forex.com: Commission Structure
  4. Broker Guide To Forex.com: Trading Platforms And Customer Support
  5. Broker Guide To Forex.com: Opening A Demo Account
  6. Broker Guide To Forex.com: Trading Using FOREXTrader Pro
  7. Broker Guide To Forex.com: Educational Products, Research Tools And Services
  8. Broker Guide To Forex.com: Conclusion
Forex.com provides a wide range of educational resources for aspiring forex traders, including a full series of video tutorials, self-study or interactive online courses and live training webinars that occur regularly online. Many of these tools cater to not only novice forex traders, but also experts looking to discover new advanced trading strategies and ideas. Educational resources include:

  • Forex Video Tutorials - Provides both basic and advanced tutorials that can be viewed individually or as an entire course. Basic videos cover topics like "What is a Pip?" while advanced videos discuss Fibonacci retracements and triangle chart patterns. There are also a series of video tutorials covering how to use various trading platforms.

  • On-Demand Webinars - Provides traders with a more in-depth look at various topics, including forex basics, candlestick patterns and support/resistance. These videos are between 30 and 45 minutes in length and provide strong insights.

  • Online Courses - Provides novice traders with an introduction to the foreign exchange market, including discussions on how to read currency quotes, analyze charts using technical analysis, recognize trends in the market, balance risk and reward, anticipate and react to major economic events and employ money management techniques. These are available as either self-study or interactive courses, with the basic course costing $99 and the advanced course costing $299.
Research Tools and Services
Forex.com offers a wide variety of research tools and services designed to help inform forex traders using its platform. The company's global research team continuously monitors the New York, London and Asian sessions, keeping clients abreast of economic events driving the markets and alerting them to potential opportunities in real time.

Tools integrated directly into the trading platforms include:

  • Professional grade charting tools designed for in-depth analysis of the markets.

  • Automated trading capabilities that include trading-system development through backtesting and an easy-to-use strategy wizard to help design and build customized trading strategies.

  • Premium independent charting tools, like eSignal's ForexCharts, designed to provide key market information at no extra cost to trading clients.

  • Independent technical analysis provided by Trading Central, which includes a full suite of tools including real-time entry and exit signals and candlestick analysis tools.

  • Chart pattern recognition provided by Autochartist to automatically identify emerging technical patterns and identify trade ideas in real-time.

  • Built-in EA for MetaTrader 4 that enables advanced order management features and one-click trading not typically seen in MT4.

  • Economic calendar that highlights key economic releases for the week ahead, along with economist forecasts and expectations.
Additional research tools available outside of the trading platforms include:

  • Live Trading Sessions that occur every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss critical factors driving the markets, recap important economic data, preview upcoming economic reports and identify key currency levels including pivot points. Each session concludes with a Q&A session where experts personally respond to questions.

  • Regular Research Reports that consist of weekly insights, quarterly outlooks and special reports detailing important trends and conditions affecting the forex market. Real-time research alerts also provide insights into technical positions, quantitative research and fundamental market factors on a wide array of currency pairs.

  • One-on-One Guidance from market strategists to help forex traders refine their skills with exclusive market commentary and direct insight from research analysts. These experts can also help by reviewing trading objectives, developing trading strategies, enhancing money management skills and providing personalized tutorials.
Many of these research tools and reports can be reached previewed without being a Forex.com client, including the economic calendar and various macroeconomic reports. But, the technical analysis and market news is available to clients or demo accounts only.

Broker Guide To Forex.com: Conclusion
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