1. Homebuyers' Walkthrough: Introduction
  2. Homebuyers' Walkthrough: Reasons to Buy
  3. Homebuyers' Walkthrough: Buying New vs. Previously Owned
  4. Homebuyers' Walkthrough: Considerations When Buying a Home
  5. Homebuyers' Walkthrough: Which Type of Mortgage Is Best?
  6. Homebuyers' Walkthrough: Obtaining a Mortgage
  7. Homebuyers' Walkthrough: Buying a First Home
  8. Homebuyers' Walkthrough: When to Sell and Buy a Move-Up Home
  9. Homebuyers' Walkthrough: Homes for Retirement
  10. Homebuyers' Walkthrough: Conclusion

Buying a home is probably the single largest investment you’ll ever make. For most buyers, the process is lengthy and challenging – emotionally and financially speaking. In fact, it can be so daunting and complicated that some would-be buyers stick with renting just to avoid the unknowns of buying a home. While buying a house is never easy, it’s important not to let the challenges deter you from getting into your dream home.

Fortunately, there’s lot of information out there to help you learn about the home-buying process – online (of course), at your local bookstore and even through state- and community-sponsored home-buying education courses. The more you understand about the elements of buying a home, the more confident you’ll be as you search for a home, make offers, secure financing and, eventually, sit down at that closing table.

To help you get started, this tutorial introduces many aspects of the home-buying process, from why people buy and what to look for in a home, to financing and making the decision to move up from that starter home – or downsize for retirement.  


Homebuyers' Walkthrough: Reasons to Buy
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