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  1. Jamie Dimon: Most Influential Quotes
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  5. Jamie Dimon: Most Influential Quotes

Jamie Dimon, President and CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), is an incredibly wealthy man. One of the few billionaire bankers, he derived most of his wealth from his part in creating Citigroup Inc. (C).

In 1985, Dimon and his mentor Sandy Weill bought a struggling Baltimore bank called Commercial Capital and grew it into Citigroup, which is worth $177 billion today. When Dimon was fired from Citigroup in 1998, he sold a reported $110 million of stock that Bloomberg estimates has grown to over half a billion dollars today. Add in the stock options and quarterly dividend payments of 44 cents and you’ll start to see how Dimon became part of the billionaire’s club.

As of June 2015, Dimon owns 6.1 million shares of JPMorgan Chase stock, worth over $400 million. Not an extravagant man, his real estate assets include a mansion in Bedford and an apartment in New York, worth a combined $32 million. (For more, see: Manhattan Luxury Condos As Investments.)

While he’s a major influence in the banking world today, he was once part of a strong father-son relationship with Sandy Weill. The two men were formidable business partners: one was strong at recognizing good deals and the other at finding the money to make them happen. In 2011, Dimon was named one of Time Magazine’s most influential people, and today is a mentor and inspiration to young bankers just as Weill was for him all those years ago.

As for the future, Dimon has stated that he doesn’t want to run another big company after his tenure at JPMorgan Chase. At 59 years old, he still has awhile to go before he needs to think about retirement, but, should the unfortunate occur and he find himself without a job, Dimon has expressed an interest in opening a bar in New York.

Despite rumors that Dimon was being considered as the next Treasury Secretary, he has stated that he is not interested in political office once he leaves banking.

Jamie Dimon: Most Influential Quotes
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