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Jeff Bezos had a net worth of $58.8 billion in November of 2015, according to Forbes. Because his fortune is mostly the result of Amazon.com, which he founded and led, Bezos scores an 8 out of ten on the magazine’s self-made score.

Bezos’ fortune puts him among the richest men in the world, and he is accelerating toward the top of that list. In July, Amazon’s profits exceeded expectations, netting $92 million in the second quarter. For a company that has typically eschewed profits in favor of reinvesting in the business, the huge profit made news and drove up the stock price considerably.

After the news, Bezos’ 18% stake in Amazon propelled him to the rank of fifth-richest man in the world, according to Forbes. (For more, see: From Poverty To Power: Celebrities Who Started With Nothing.)

But according to a report by competing wealth tracker Bloomberg, Bezos is doing even better. It reported that, thanks to Amazon’s stellar performance in 2015, he had surpassed Mexican magnate Carlos Slim to become the world’s fourth-richest person.

Bloomberg reports that Bezos’ fortune more than doubled in 2015, adding $29.6 billion. That growth is largely a result of investors flocking to Amazon in recognition of not just its leadership position in retail, but also the potential of new business lines, such as cloud storage.

While the bulk of Bezos’ fortune is attributable to Amazon, he is also an investor in a number of younger tech companies that are making headlines. He has been listed as an investor in home-sharing company Airbnb; software company Basecamp; publisher Business Insider; education tech company General Assembly; 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot Industries; taxi dispatcher Uber; and healthcare scheduler Zocdoc, among many, many others. (For more, see: This Is What Jeff Bezos's Portfolio Looks Like.)

In 1998, Bezos also became an early investor in fellow, and sometimes rival, tech giant Google. The $250,000 he invested at the time was worth $280 million by the time the Google went public in 2004, though it is unclear whether or not he has held onto his stake.

Among other properties, Bezos owns a $24.25 million Beverly Hills estate with a pool and a tennis court. He also owns a $28 million lakefront home in Medina, Washington, the same town in which Bill Gates lives. The home, made up of two buildings, encompasses 29,000 feet.

With his fortune, Bezos has also invested in and supported projects and causes that interest him. One such project is The Clock Of The Long Now, a clock inside of a mountain that is designed to keep accurate time for 10,000 years. He donated $42 million and a parcel of land he owns in Texas for the building of the clock, which its makers hope will run well into the lives of the next civilization. (For more, see: An Overview of Businesses Owned by Amazon.)

One project that made slightly more headlines was Bezos’ 2013 purchase of The Washington Post for $250 million. The deal made headlines and raised eyebrows. Bezos later called the Post a national institution, which he hoped to keep alive in the Internet age with his tech expertise and deep pockets.

Some have criticized Bezos as being similar to Steve Jobs, who was skeptical of philanthropy, and didn’t make many headlines with his charitable donations.

But he has made charitable and political donations over the years. In 2012, Bezos and his wife contributed $2.5 million to support a same-sex marriage referendum in Washington state. He also donated $10 million to build the Bezos Center for Innovation at the Seattle Museum of History and Industry, and $15 million to create the Bezos Center for Neural Circuit Dynamics at Princeton Neuroscience Institute.

In addition, he and his wife have created the Bezos Family Foundation, an educational charity. 

Jeff Bezos: Famous or Infamous
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