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The Complete Guide to Buying a New Car

  1. Buying a New Car: Introduction
  2. Buying a New Car: Signs It's Time to Buy
  3. Buying a New Car: Getting Started
  4. Buying a New Car: The 5 Best Safety Options
  5. Buying a New Car: Smart Strategies at the Dealership
  6. Buying a New Car: 5 Common Mistakes
  7. Buying a New Car: Sneaky Tricks Car Salespeople Pull
  8. Buying a New Car: Financing Your Purchase
  9. Buying a New Car: How to Spot a Great Car Deal
  10. Buying a New Car: Websites, Tools and Apps to Use
  11. Buying a New Car: How to Maintain a Car's Value
  12. Buying a New Car: Top 10 Takeaways

Driving a new car you like is one of life's pleasures – all the way down to the new-car smell – but buying one can be nerve-wracking. There is so much to know and consider – from safety ratings and fuel economy to the sticker price, interest rates and insurance costs. Many of the terms used in the automotive industry are confusing, the technology found in cars today can be intimidating, and the tactics employed by salespeople can be deceptive. It all adds up to a process that many people avoid until they can't put it off any longer.

But it doesn't have to be like that. A little knowledge goes a long way toward making the experience bearable and even fun. Understanding the basics of how car dealerships operate and knowing what to look for and consider when shopping for a vehicle will help you bypass the traps that many people fall into and get a good deal on the next car you buy. In many cases, knowing what to avoid can be as important as knowing what to do when purchasing a car, truck, minivan or sport utility vehicle. And then, if you enjoy driving, you get to test out all those new models and their new tech toys.

This car buying guide will teach you everything from when it's time to buy a new car through to how you can maintain a new vehicle's value over the long-term and everything in-between. Whether you're a first time car buyer or a seasoned pro who has negotiated many vehicle purchases, this guide is for you.

Buying a New Car: Signs It's Time to Buy