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  1. Introduction
  2. How Do You Want to Live?
  3. Can Your Current Home Handle the Renovation?
  4. What Would Remodeling Cost?
  5. What Would Moving Cost?
  6. Other Considerations for Renovating vs. Moving
  7. The Bottom Line

The decision of whether to move or remodel when your home no longer meets your needs rarely has a clear-cut answer. Remodeling is expensive – but so is moving. Remodeling is incredibly disruptive – but so is moving. Remodeling will eat up all your free time for months – and you know where this is going. 

Sometimes your existing home’s structural limitations will make it easy to decide that moving is the best choice. And sometimes a bad real estate market that makes selling your home impossible – but has contractors scrambling for work – makes remodeling the obvious choice.

But most of the time, you’ll have to evaluate and prioritize numerous factors and make trade-offs.

  • Is it more important to have a spacious home or to keep your kids in their current school?
  • Is it worth the extra 30 minutes a day you’ll spend commuting if you move to the other end of town where they’re constructing a new development and you can create your ideal home from scratch, or is the extra time with your family essential?
  • Will remodeling be a waste of money because your home is already one of the nicer ones in your neighborhood?
  • Or is neither remodeling nor moving the right choice, because maybe you could get most of what you need on a much more affordable budget and with much less hassle by hiring an interior decorator and a professional organizer?

Consider the options carefully, talk them out with people you trust, get some input from professionals and take your time to make a decision. How you feel about the place you call home affects every other aspect of your life.

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