Retiring with a million-dollar portfolio may sound like a dream, but it’s certainly attainable. While no plan is guaranteed, the following 10 steps will go a long way toward making that dream a reality.First, set a goal. Nobody plans to fail, but plenty fail to plan. Lay out your desired financial future.   Second, start saving. Enrolling in any plan your employer offers is a great start, especially if it’s a 401(k) with a matching contribution. Third, get aggressive. Asset-allocation dictates most investment returns. Fixed-income investments and certificates of deposits won’t grow much wealth, but certain equities will. Fourth is to build a rainy day fund. Setbacks are inevitable. Structure your finances to avoid a disaster. Fifth, increase the amount you save as you get older. Raises, new jobs and other life changes let you increase the amount you put away. Sixth, watch your spending. Live within your means, which means being smart when it comes to cars, kids, vacations, homes and your overall budget. Seventh, monitor your portfolio. Mid- to long-term investors don’t need to sweat over every change in the Dow. Once a year, check your portfolio and rebalance its asset allocation to keep it in line with your goals. Eighth, max out your options. Make the maximum contributions to tax-deferred savings plans, and then open up a taxable account, as well. Ninth is to make catch-up contributions. At age 50, start putting more into your tax-deferred savings plans. And 10, remember patience is a virtue. Get-rich-quick schemes are usually just that – schemes. Few things are as powerful as compounding interest, but its impact is greater when there’s more time to save. The sooner you start, the better your odds of becoming a millionaire, or more.