As the economy remains in a period of sustainable recovery, the financial services industry expects to benefit as consumers, traders and business owners become less risk-averse with their capital. There’s now a rising demand for financial services, and with it comes more opportunity for professionals within the industry.One way to take your financial services career to the next level is through freelancing. Technological and social innovations have facilitated a drastic rise in the numbers of self-employed workers. Financial professionals with significant experience can boost their earnings while working independently. Another way is through the art of networking. Use a range of social media and professional platforms to create an integrated online profile that reaches a large audience. Just as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ help brands develop integrated marketing strategies, they enable financial professionals to interact with potential and existing clients. Finding a seasoned mentor is a great way to advance a career. Financial professionals can glean new knowledge from a mentor’s wealth of experience, and then apply it to their own business. A mentor’s guidance can be worth its weight in gold. Finally, constantly search for ways to improve. Be proactive in your quest for knowledge and skills. Show management and competitors your urge to reach the top, and learn industry developments and innovations as they emerge.