The typical recruiter receives hundreds of resumes each week. If you're hoping to get an interview, yours needs to stand out from the pack. Use these  ideas to send your resume to the top of the pile.Number 1: Advertise yourself. Instead of a traditional resume, create a one-page synopsis of what you could do if hired. Like any ad, use memorable taglines that will quickly capture a recruiter’s attention. Post the ad on websites or bulletin boards where potential employers will see it, and send one directly to the hiring manager of each specific business you’d like to work for. Number 2: Make business cards. In addition to your contact information, include a short phrase that captures your expertise. Make your title the same as the job you want, and list your key credentials on the back. Send a card to the appropriate managers at your targeted companies. Number 3: Build a professional website, and use it to highlight your accomplishments. Provide contact information, and use links and blogs to further showcase your interests and abilities. Number 4: Present yourself on a DVD. Explain what you could do for a company, and highlight your achievements. A DVD work best for creative jobs – it lets you show your skills. Number 5: Send a pre-interview thank you note. Thank recruiters for reading your resume, and let them know when you’re available to interview. If your resume isn’t working, try something new. Remember to be savvy, and be creative.