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Buying a home can bury you in paperwork. But it’s worth your time to make sure your contract contains these seven important conditions.

Number 1 is finance terms. State that your offer is contingent upon obtaining financing at a specified interest rate. Know what your limit will be. If you need a certain type of loan, like an FHA or VA, specify that, as well. If you’re paying cash, include that, because it makes your offer more attractive.

2 is seller assistance. If you want the seller to pay part or all of the closing costs, include that in your offer.

3, specify who pays what specific closing costs. Who will pay the escrow fees, the notary fees and other expenses – the buyer or the seller? Most real estate agents know who customarily handles what costs.

4, a home inspection should be a contingent part of your offer. It enables the buyer to walk away from a deal if inspection reveals significant flaws, like a leaky roof.

5, if you want certain fixtures and appliances, like the refrigerator or the washing machine, put it in writing.

6, include your closing date, and the time needed to complete the purchase. Usually that’s 30, 45 or 60 days.

And number 7, some buyers need the funds from the sale of their current home before they can buy a new one. If this is you, make the purchase contingent upon the sale of your current home, but be reasonable. Most sellers will usually accept 30-to-60 days.

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