You might earn $1 million a year or more, or you might receive a big inheritance one day -- maybe. Even if not, you can still build a sizeable amount of wealth. It’ll just take more time. Here are some tips to help you get there.The first step is to stop senseless spending. Did you really need that $500 soap dish? Buy what you need, but buy in moderation. Set a budget that puts aside something for savings. The second step is to fund retirement plans. For many, saving for retirement is an afterthought. But starting retirement savings early in life means smaller contributions are required to eventually hit your monetary goal. Time is the key element. Even higher contributions later in life won’t make up for lost time. The next step is to improve tax awareness. Learn what deductions are available so you don’t miss out. Sometimes, hiring a tax pro can save you money. Step four is owning your home. Renting is not good in the long-term, because it does not offer the chance to build equity, and you lose out on a prime tax deduction. Fifth, avoid new luxury wheels. Cars depreciate quickly, about 15-to-20 percent a year. Buy something dependable with low monthly payments, instead. Step six, don’t sell yourself short. Always watch for opportunities to advance your career. Sometimes staying too long with one job doesn’t pay off. And seven, don’t rely on luck. Chances are, you won’t win the lottery. The surest path to $1 million is to save. Start early, spend wisely, and be diligent.