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Brazil, Russia, India and China are referred to by the acronym BRIC. The reference to these countries as a group was first made in a 2003 report by the investment-banking firm of Goldman Sachs. The Goldman report predicted that by the year 2050, the BRIC countries would be wealthier than the current world economic powers.

According to the Goldman Sachs predictions, over the next few decades, China and India will grow to become the top producers and suppliers of goods and services. During this same timeframe, Russia and Brazil will grow to become the top raw materials suppliers to the world. 

These countries will not necessarily form an economic alliance like the European Union.  Rather, these countries will function as a powerful economic bloc, because, due to their specific resources, they will trade with one another to their mutual benefit. China and India will produce their goods and services using raw materials from Russia and Brazil.  In this way, all four countries will prosper and grow.

Investors looking for emerging long-term growth potential look at the BRIC as a source for possible investment opportunities.

Other countries seen as “BRIC-like” in their future, long-term growth potential are Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa, South Korea and Turkey.

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