An entrepreneur is a person who starts a new business or organization, taking some personal financial risk to do so. He or she may quit a secure job to devote time to starting the new business, use personal savings as capital or convince investors to finance the business idea. Successful entrepreneurs need the strong characteristics of confidence, competence, courage and self-discipline to succeed.Along with the right personality traits, a successful entrepreneur needs considerable business savvy. He or she will need to find a marketable idea for a new product or service, raise money to fund the start of operations, assemble skilled people and resources, and manage the new enterprise through the difficult start-up period. Once the company shows it can operate successfully, it may be possible to bring in an outside manager to run it, or sell the fledgling company to a more established company at a profit, freeing the entrepreneur to start a new business venture. Developing a new and marketable idea is not easy. Some people are good at this, but lack the managerial or emotional skills needed to build a company. Other people are good at raising money or running a new company, but lack the vision to imagine a viable new product, or the courage to start the risky effort from scratch. Good entrepreneurs know—or soon learn— their own strengths and weaknesses, and find other people to bring the other skills needed. Entrepreneurship is a rare quality, but it is vital for creating growth throughout the economy.