Little money leaks can create a pool of wasted cash in no time. Here are five simple steps to help you plug those financial holes.First, plug it in. Download online statements from credit cards and banks into a spreadsheet so you can total gas, food, clothing and other item expenses. You can start to control your spending habits once you understanding them. Second, cut it out. Dispose of things you’re paying for but aren’t using. These might include health club memberships, magazine subscriptions or similar services. Third, set it up. Save 10 to 15 percent of your salary through an investment account before you even see the money. Have your credit card’s rewards plan feed directly into your savings. Fourth, trim it down. Try to save on your mobile phone plan. Use Skype or Vonage instead of a landline phone. You don’t need all those TV channels in addition to Netflix, either. Finally, suck it up. Look over your spreadsheet for money drains, like excessive restaurant trips or clothing spending sprees. Changing your habits will put you ahead.