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To most American investors, China is a mystery.

Its economy, now the second largest in the world, continues to expand at a furious pace. Its stock market, also the second largest in the world, has surged 1,500% since 2003.

Yet the country’s opaqueness has prevented most foreign investors from making money in Chinese stocks.

Real Vision TV – the media startup that gives investors direct access to the brightest minds in finance – recently interviewed an entrepreneur who is uniquely qualified to explain what’s really going on in China: Anne Stevenson-Yang.

Stevenson-Yang lived in China for 25 years. While there, she started and ran several businesses, including publishing, software, and online media. Drawing from that experience, she then co-founded J Capital Research, an investment research company that specializes in Chinese investments.

In the interview, Stevenson-Yang’s first-hand, “boots on the ground” knowledge of China shines through. She shares several fascinating stories of how things really work in China… including how bankers make private lending deals to skirt the government’s price controls on interest rates. 

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