There’s a few things to know before interviewing for an investment banking job.The first thing is the job. Show that you know the trade’s general practices and duties. Entry-level positions create presentations, compile tables and make pitch books. Don’t presume you’ll be constructing models or analyzing statements right away. Interviewers look for basic financial statement knowledge, as well as how balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements connect. Show you can handle company valuation questions. The basic techniques include discounted cash flow, the multiples approach and comparable transactions. A common multiples approach is the enterprise multiple, which values a firm by considering debt, like a potential acquirer would. It’s calculated by compiling a company’s enterprise value, which is the sum of its market capitalization, debt, minority interest and preferred shares, minus its total cash and cash equivalents. Divide the enterprise value by the company's earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, or EBITDA. The total value is the firm’s full comprehensive value. Investment banking requires issuing equity and debt, so be familiar with these concepts. For example, know that debt financing is cheap because interest payments are tax deductible. Finally, learn what deals the bank has done or is working on, and be ready to discuss markets and the economy.