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Didn't make it to Kansas City? Take the financially fit quiz HERE for your chance to win an Apple Watch or $5000 travel voucher.*

We kick off our Financial Fitness Tour in Kansas City, MO. It's the home of American Century Investments and over 1000 of its team members who serve clients across the country.

The Financial Coach was unveiled in front of American Century's headquarters and hundreds of employees, advisors, partners and folks from across the city.

From there, the Financial Fitness crew toured Kansas City’s beautiful city center, along with a stop at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research.

Founded by Jim and Virginia Stowers, who also created American Century, the institute is dedicated to researching the causes, treatment and prevention of diseases. After years of helping clients secure their financial future, The Stowers’ wanted to do their part to help ensure a healthier community.

Now that we’ve kicked off our tour in American Century’s hometown, we’re coming to yours. Next stop... Nashville!


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